Jimmy Atchison

Fantastic multi-instrumentalist with more than 1000 album credits! Proficient at lead guitar, rhythm guitar, mandolin, banjo, and vocals. Excellent timing and "feel."

Jimmy Atchison2020-05-03T10:47:34+00:00

Tim Crouch

A renowned multi-instrumentalist who has worked with country music royalty including Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton and many more.

Tim Crouch2020-05-03T10:54:41+00:00

The Angel Band

In 2012, the Green family gathered in the large hall of the Fountain Square studio and sang together, acapella. The resulting recording was remarkably beautiful.

The Angel Band2020-05-05T01:18:33+00:00

Rick Endel

Rick's strength on keyboard lies in his uncanny ability to emotional connect to a song and add, tastefully, just what's needed to draw the listener in.

Rick Endel2020-05-03T10:55:53+00:00
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