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We’ve found that one of our most important jobs is to help clients understand all the avenues and possibilities that open up when you work with experienced audio professionals at a recording facility focused on your needs.

Although most studios advertise their equipment list and fixed studio rates, at Fountain Square House recording studio we focus on people and projects.

When we meet you, we’ll be able to learn about your project and what you wish to accomplish. A detailed discussion will allow us to present ideas and assemble a recording package tailored to your needs.

Choosing the right studio is so important. Whether or not you have previous studio experience, believe us when we say that only an in-person visit can provide the information you need to determine which studio is right for you.

There is absolutely no obligation to buy a recording package or studio time when you visit Fountain Square House for a free studio tour. Our goal is to allow you to gather information concerning our facility and our people, as well as to let you experience the creative, relaxed atmosphere. We’re hopeful that once you experience Fountain Square House and meet our staff, you’ll realize you can trust us to bring your artistic vision to life.

If you are ready to discuss your project, contact us to set up your free studio tour. We will help you clearly map out your plans and pricing, as well as provide instructions for preparation. And remember, the initial consultation and studio tour costs you nothing.

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