Fountain Square House, LLC

Studio Rates & Project Packages

Packaged Music Projects:

Studio rates are based at $60 per hour. However, package rates apply for larger projects. Full-production packages are defined by project completion steps, rather than by time in-studio. Under our "full production" rates, the artist is locked into a schedule with loose time lines; the primary critereon being a fully-produced project, but based on a $50 per hour rate or better. At Fountain Square House, our focus is full production music and commercial jingles. The goal of offering services as packaged products is to make sure our clients obtain the most complete, commercially compatible results affordably.

Our package deals include the following services:

  • Our producer listens intently to your home recording of the musical content and charts the music for the studio sessions. If you already have a producer, our engineer will collaborate with them to prepare for the tracking sessions.
  • A meeting between the artist, producer, and/or engineer to coordinate ideas and plan the direction of the project (which may include musical rearrangement for radio compatibility or label pitching).
  • Professional musician / vocalist selection (our musician pool includes the best musicians in the state, and their services are included in our full production packages at no extra cost to you).
  • Planning and commencement of tracking sessions - will be ongoing until project completion.
  • Editing and mixing of project, including consultation concerning progress.
  • Vocal tracking and touch-up sessions followed by evaluation CD for client.
  • Final touch-ups and in-house mastering. In-depth mastering is not performed in-house and is not included in the standard package pricing.
  • Copyright preparation and basic instruction about publishing and intellectual property protection.

Please click here to open a pdf listing our current package rates (will open in a new window).

Please see The Recording Process Explained (on this website) for a detailed explanation of all the steps required during the creation of a musical studio project.

Non-Packaged Music Projects:

For smaller projects, we offer flat rate studio rental. We do not offer free producer consultation for this category. We do not generally charge for set-up time for tracking sessions. We begin tracking our time from the initial recording point. Therefore, due to the studio time sacrificed during set-up and preparation, we require a minimum tracking time of 2 hours for projects without drums, and 4 hours for projects with drums. This is to ensure that both client and studio receive the fullest benefits of each session..

Please remember that the mixing session will require additional studio time (and charges) following the recording session(s). As a rule, we suggest allowing at least twice as much time for editing and mixing as was used for the recording process for multi-instrument and vocal music. For smaller projects, such as 1 or 2 instruments and vocals, the mix time is usually about the same as the tracking time.