Our Professional Musicians and Vocalists

Fountain Square House Recording

Fountain Square House Studio Musicians

How are we able to consistently create musical magic on so many projects? There's no secret, there's just our team of incredibly talented, highly energized musical masters, our studio musicians. At Fountain Square House recording studio we are very proud of our pool of musicians and vocalists. We consider these gifted individuals to be among our strongest assets. The strength of our professional recordings is foremost in these people's hands (and voices), literally!

We offer the services of our professional musicians and vocalists to each of our clients FREE OF CHARGE! Free? Why would we do such a thing? Because your project, the project we do together, will go smoother and sound better when our studio musicians are involved. Plus, as an added bonus, you save money. Better product plus less cost equals a more satisfying experience!

Have any doubts about what we're saying? Read on.

Some of the most dynamic bands can play their music to a crowd with fantastic showmanship and expertise, proving they are serious about what they do. Perhaps this is your band. And perhaps your band members know the music so well they could play your songs in their sleep. But this does not necessarily mean they will do well in a studio setting.

Live performance doesn't require the same precise timing, the same type of expressiveness necessary to create a great studio recording. Some of the greatest live performers are not so great in the studio. Check for the musicians (and "guest musicians") on some of your favorite CDs and you will usually see quite a few names you don't recognize. In fact, many bands do not perform their own instrumental tracks on their own albums. If they do, it is usually after being well seasoned in a studio environment.

Professional studio musicians know how to put down tracks that lay precisely within the tempo. They seldom make mistakes (missed notes, intonation problems) which have to be tediously "fixed in the mix." Professional studio musicians can react fluidly while tracking, making changes, creating hooks, all as called for by the music.

With musicians inexperienced in a studio environment, your recording will require more time to complete, and thus cost you more money. And the tracks you end up with may not have the clean and exciting feel your fans are used to hearing on other recordings.

Certainly we have worked with bands whose members are skilled at both live performance and studio work. We're not making a blanket judgment. However, if your band members haven't worked much in a studio environment, we hope you'll give us a chance to show you what we can do with our incredible pool of professional studio musicians.

Voice-over Artists

For announcement vocals, we have access to personalities from aggressive to soothing, male and female. All our announcing personalities have very stunning vocals, and all are well-suited to a variety of commercial purposes. For most musical projects, we have a pool of excellent vocal talent as well, and we are just as proud to provide these authoritative and influential vocalists.