Commercial Jingles, Radio Spots and Audio Book Recording


Commercial Jingles
Fountain Square House creates musical jingles for radio or television commercials. We work with our clients to find the perfect melody and tempo to fit the personality of their business. Our producers understand how important it is to project just the right image to the public. Once the jingle's foundation is laid, we can produce several different versions (like instrumental or vocal, long or short) so you're covered no matter what use you intend. We can even provide different genre types, so you can use the perfect sound for whatever audience you target at any given time.

Radio Spots and Audio for Video Production
Fountain Square House records radio commercials, infomercials, discussion spots, public speeches and announcements, basically any type of verbal broadcast application both in the studio and on-site. Talk to us about our "radio personality" voices. We can provide samples of several sounds and styles for your project.

Audio Books
Audio books continue to be strong sellers. Fountain Square House has the ability to create a professional sound recording of your book, complete with background music or audio effects. With our pool of professional vocal talent, we're sure to have the perfect voice for any style of book.

Contact us to get started on your commercial, broadcast or audio book recording project.