Our Beliefs

Eric and Vicki Bragg, Owners of Fountain Square House  

The decision to even include this page comes after much contemplation. After all, in business relationships what one "believes" is increasingly considered irrelevant.

But our beliefs dictate the way we work and walk in the world, so we feel they are relevant. We are who we are, and we feel it is important to make this statement.

We are a Christian-based company. And by "Christian", we are definitely referring to "Jesus Christ."

During the creation of Fountain Square House, quite a few mountains landed square in our path, many of which seemed absolutely impossible for us to climb. Yet climb we did, and certainly not by our own feeble willpower, strength, or wisdom. At Fountain Square House we are constantly presented with the right opportunities at the right times. We feel we have been led here, and are great believers in the power of prayer.

Be assured that we have no intention of "converting" any of our clients, or pressuring anyone to do or believe as we do. We feel these tactics often backfire, destroying instead of creating faith and trust. It is not for us to judge anyone.

We aspire toward the principles laid out before us: to do business with the utmost integrity; to use our technical skills and musical passion to bring your artistic vision into focus; and to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that enhances your creativity.

Nothing is more gratifying than watching our Fountain Square House "family" continue to grow.