Welcome to Fountain Square House, LLC

Fountain Square House, LLC is a full production, privately owned recording studio located on the outskirts of Van Buren / Fort Smith, Arkansas. We provide sound recording services for musical projects, commercial jingles, and radio spots.

Our spacious primary control room doubles as our acoustic tracking room, a non-traditional octagonal room with a high vaulted ceiling (first image above). Containing 4600 cubic feet, this room is designed for naturally open, acoustic tracking. The room also opens out onto the rear deck, overlooking woods and a pond.

Studio A is primarily our recording suite, but is also available for editing and mixing, featuring the Mixed Logic control interface, compatible with ProTools, Logic Audio, Cubase, and several other major software editors (second image above - mix position in Studio A). Preamps featured are the Earthworks 1024 and True Systems Precision 8; both are extremely quiet, and highly sensitive. These preamps feed the A/D converters, which are piped directly to hard drive via fiber optic cable. All studio power sockets are fed through a toroidal isolation transformer, providing an electrically quiet environment.

The drum room (third image above) houses 360 square feet of space and 28 inch thick walls. The room is a semi-anechoic chamber, with fully absorbent vertical surfaces and 2 dimensional diffusers on the ceiling. Adjacent to this room is the "vault", an all-concrete safe room treated with heavy duty bass traps. The room is great for bass tracking or anything that makes a lot of noise!

Studio B (fourth image above - Trace Foster in Studio B) is a dedicated mix room, equipped with ProTools TDM, stacks of plug-ins, and the Control 24 console.

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